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Gay Porn With Rafael Alencar

“C’mon, dude …fuck me hard”, Rafael said. Paddy oBrian had gotten at the rear of him and was bring out his pulsating penis. Alencar wanked up and down his ass, making use of his precum like a lube. Paddy sees himself a lot more of a bottom type, however an butt this perfectly is deserving of his complete focus. oBrian got a bit of lube and dripped it across his hot ass, then operated it in carefully together with his finger. His gap had been a little limited to begin with, however Alencar accepted his finger quite easily. Paddy helped in another finger as he noticed him say, “drill me now bitch!” filling himself up, Paddy was prepared comply. Being a bottom lover, he really hates when men simply ram it inside. Alencar was not of the same type of dude so he pressed back fully engorged that the cock entered the ass, the whole way to his golf balls, straight away. “Fuck yeah!”, Rafael grunted and forced himself around on his cock. Powerful bottom appeared like it was not enough to identify him. Rafael Alencar gripped on his sides and began to hammer his butt just how he enjoy it. Catching his sides, he discovered himself gritting his teeth as Alencar fucked Paddy tight ass. Looking up, he watched oBrian evaluating him and grinning. He yelled, “My god, your are definitely one amazing asshole.”

Jizz Orgy With Rafael Alencar

The guys have been working out and are sitting in the locker room. All of a sudden the coach walks in, fully exposed. This is not exactly what most of the men in the locker room were expecting, but what better way to increase the morale among the team? The next thing you know, all of the guys are getting in on things while the coach lets them suck on his dick. This makes everybody in the locker room stiff. Each guy was eager to prove that his was the biggest and hardest cock out of all the guys in the locker room. In the end, perhaps the best game of the day was the one that took place after the game. And ofcoz Rafael Alencar won the price for having the biggest cock around.

Rafael Alencar Groupsex

Vance Crawford and Jesse Dean were working out in the gym together, both admiring the other man’s physique. Alencar struts in and begins his workout and both men turn their attention to him. Of course, with Alencar in the room things are going to turn nasty and in a mere matter of minutes both men are asking to see his cock. He obliges and all three head to the weight bench. Eventually, all three men are getting their cocks super hard so they can show off and have a nice three way.

The next thing you know, Alencar is shoving his cock into each man’s face, allowing them to suck on it. He shoves it so deep that it tickles their tonsils and practically makes them choke because of its massive size. Then he shoves his cock into their asses and he presses hard. All three men take turns going at it from both ends until they are all exhausted. They definitely got their workout that day, but not in the way you might think.

Gay porn with Johnny Rapid And Rafael Alencar

The guys have just lost an important game. The loss was an embarrassing one that never should have happened. They blame Rapid for the loss. The guys decide to exact their revenge in the locker room, with the help of Alencar. He is forced down and two giant cocks are shoved into his ass simultaneously. Next time perhaps he will remember to play better.
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Rafael Alencar mumbled some thing regarding tasting Johnny very own bottom, right after which Rafael informed him he would definitely show him a different way to enjoy cum. He ripped Rapid legs down straight and place his biceps firmly by his side. Rafael mounted upon the table and his legs straddled Johnny┬┤s amazing figure. Johnny arms had been stapled in between his legs, and that he could not shift his torso whatsoever. Johnny was still being uninformed, until he scooted upwards in the direction of his face with his hard and big cock in his hand. He growled for Johnny to spread out his throat nice and wide, which he did ofcoz. Rafael grunted to himself, as Johnny lingered for a few moments without moaning. And after that it began: first off a couple of drops, and then a gentle white flow of hot cum started to fill up his mouth.

Rafael advised him to continue eating, and also to enjoy every single drop, because he did not desire any jizz stains found on the bath towel Johnny was laying upon. He kept him firmly by his frizzy hair using the one hand, and steered his gay cum flow directly into his mouth with his other hand. It actually was sort of dreadful initially and very scary also, however while he proceeded to swig his sticky fluid down his throat, Johnny must declare he had been fired up because of it too. There was clearly something which excited him about being hold back in place and used that way. Johnny could not quite understand, but he realized he enjoyed it.